Anti-Racism + Inclusion Education 

aka spiritual activism


We live in turbulent times and there is a great call for the collective to come together and fight the systems of white supremacist patriarchy. If you want to dive deep into how to commit to anti-racist efforts and get comfortable with your discomfort around discussing and addressing race and racism, join me for my SPIRITUAL ACTIVISM 101 Workshops.

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Open to all hue-mans seeking healing from the grave injustices in the world, those wanting to learn more about how they can better support people of colour and/or folks seeking spiritual tools + practices to commit to anti-racism on a daily basis.


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The world has changed and issues of diversity and inclusion are aptly at the forefront of many individuals and companies concerns.

Implementing diversity + inclusion training empowers people with the requisite skills and knowledge to address, encourage and foster a diversified world and workplace and address your blind spots. It also aids in reducing legal claims and adverse public relations by executing good faith efforts to address diversity and minimize harm. Not to mention it's just the right (and often necessary) thing to do!

Studies have shown that companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are at least 35% more likely to experience above-average financial returns. 

There is a clear and significant relationship between addressing diversity and increased profits, but many companies, and their people, are ill-equipped to execute a proper diversity and inclusion strategy (externally or internally) to reap the legal, financial and moral advantages.

Diversity and inclusion require ongoing attention for successful execution, including adequate training for leaders and executives. Diversity then becomes inherent in the company culture, thus bolstering the company’s internal and external reputation, retention rates and ROI.

My offerings are for all, but particularly for those in the most problematic industries including: yoga + wellness, law + law enforcement, medicine, social work, hospitality, pr/marketing, journalism and the like. 

option 1 - personal or brand audit

The Anti-Racism + Inclusion Audit encompasses a high-level review of your personal or brand's IG, website and digital profile (for the past 2 weeks or so depending on quantity of content) to advise of major flags, holes or blind spots in content, messaging and/or imaging. You'll receive a written breakdown of my findings, applicable resources for further knowledge and we'll hop on a 45 min Video Call to run through it all. 

I only work with brands and folks of the highest integrity, who are authentically committed to addressing racism and patriarchy and the ways in which they need to address that in themselves and their brands.

Investment $450 USD


option 2 - in person anti-racism training workshop(s)

My workshops are custom curated for the specific needs of each group or organization, but generally include:

  • a safe + confidential space to explore the challenging issues and ask tough but important questions about diversity + inclusion (personally and professionally);
  • lesson on terminology around diversity + inclusion;
  • examination of privilege, forms of unconscious biases + how they play out in the workforce/world;
  • practical exercises to unpack micro-aggressions + how they impact diverse spaces;
  • group discussion on ways to promote inclusion + diversity in the workplace/world;
  • resources for continued learning; and/or
  • optional movement/wellness piece - yoga, breathwork, or meditation to assist in addressing + moving through challenging conversations.


Please get in touch to discuss your specific needs and budget. I can create custom offerings to best serve your requirement…let’s collaborate. 

Partial subsidies are available for those organizations with demonstrated need. Email me to apply!

What Peeps Are Saying...

“Thank you for driving this much-needed conversation in our community. Thank you for your patience and compassion but also for your honesty and direct approach. I walked away with so much to think about." 

- Kate L., Marketing Manager @ AG Hair

"Every time I am in a room with Rachel, I am filled with a light and energy that keeps me lit for days — lit with optimism, passion, and hope. In a city (and world... and body... and society...) that often has me feeling unsafe, I appreciate her giving women like me dedicated space to feel guarded by a strong activist, heard by those who are forced to listen, and truly ourselves in the best way possible...I am grateful for Rachel's vulnerability, willingness to have the fuckin' hard conversations with scared, cautious people, and her voice. I truly cannot imagine doing the hard work that she does day in and day out, and in turn admire the energy and passion that she brings to the table (or yoga mat) every single time she leads a conversation."

- Alica Forneret, Founder @ Eat Crow Pie

"...I so so SO appreciate're helping me to see myself, hear myself and be myself. I know I have a lot of unpacking to of, but if it wasn't for nights like [Spiritual Activism 101] I would still be stuck. 26 years later and now I'm learning to face the shit that makes me uncomfortable; face the pain caused from the outside and confront my internal wounds. Being able to voice it is MAJOR. Thank you for being the truth!"

- Anonymous

"The biggest takeaways for me from the Spiritual Activism workshop was the nuanced way RayRay was able to facilitate nuanced discussion about the day to day insidious racism that POC face that has been stitched into the fabric of everyday life and is accepted...the conversation was [uncomfortable] and necessary. It was always filling and exhausting...but when the night ended it felt like it was just the beginning..."

- Irving Chong, Founder @ The Asian Canadian

"White supremacy. It isn't just an old white gown with a burning cross. It's a power structure that's been in place since Canada and the US were colonized and its roots run deep and wide. Recognizing out white privilege is a good place to start, but a horrible place to stop. Rachel's workshop challenged me to dig deep and ask myself 'what am I really doing to dismantle a system I abhor?' My answer was: 'not enough.' I'm so grateful for the opportunity to listen and learn."

- Megan, Owner @ Room 6

“The raw power channeled by Rachel and evoked through her work is as stunning as it is rare. Truly she was called to guide others…[and] to make and hold space for, to discover and to process, to recognize and accept, to release and to heal…”

- Ashley Thompson, Harvard Graduate, Certified Sexual Assault Crisis Responder + US Navy Veteran

"In the end, it felt as though parts of my body and mind had opened, allowing room for more clarity, more kindness, and a better ability to truly show up for myself and my clients.”

- Karenna Williams, Aboriginal Rights Lawyer