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from grief to grace retreat


May 5th-7th, 2017 - bOWEN ISLAND, B.C., Canada

Dealing with the pain of loss and grief is hard, to say the least. The From Grief to Grace Retreat was an intimate, one-of-a kind re-treat where guests could get away from all the bullshit life threw their way and get some much needed time to help heal their hearts. It was a 3 day/2 night island retreat just outside of Vancouver, B.C. - a special opportunity to move beyond loss to find the gifts that are often deeply imbedded underneath the pain.  

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What Peeps are Saying About Past Retreats...

"I cannot say enough good things about the retreat and how Rachel approached the weekend...After the retreat, I felt like I had taken a step forward which seemed impossible previously. Rachel gave us real tools and exercises to use whenever we are in that overwhelming moment of 'stuckness'. I would strongly encourage anyone who is feeling stuck, confused, or aimless [to] work with her."

- Mia Pears, Urban Planner

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"The raw power channeled by Rachel and evoked through her work is as stunning as it is rare...Every human deserves what Rachel has to offer this world, what she has to offer you. She is a masterful guide trailblazing the human spirit in a cultural territory that, clearly, demands to be reclaimed and embraced for us to truly and completely live. Rachel will show you how to find the thing inside you that you were taught to bury." 

- Ashley Thompson, Civil Engineer Officer @ United States Air Force, Certified Sexual Assault Advocate + Crisis Responder, and Harvard Graduate

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"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Rachel. Her capacity to create space for others allows for the nuances and complexities of loss to be explored in ways that I could not have anticipated. She holds up a proverbial mirror that allows her participants to see themselves in each other, while still honouring the individual experience. She acts as a guide through the process of mapping one's grief. 

Rachel is also really fucking funny which only serves to add more humanity to this intimate practice. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

- Genevieve Hume, Harvard Graduate + Co-Founder @ Loaded Bow and Hume Atelier


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