Whenever I'm going through a tough time, I search for anything and everything to help me find the light. This compilation of resources is just a sample of the "good good" that has helped me step into more joy. Take what resonates. Leave the rest. 

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INTerview with Marianne WILLIAmson about depression, Sadness & grief on MARIE TV

Marianne Williamson is one of my all time favourite authors and in this interview with life coach and entrepreneurial guru Marie Forleo, she talks about her new book Tears of Triumph and how our society needs to address sadness and grief in a healthier way.

This is one of the most enlightening videos I watched in my early days of grief.

5 ways to relieve panic attacks/stress/ - how to have a lighter heart by Ralph Smart

Anxiety and panic can show up in a major way when grief is in the picture.

Ralph is a psychologist, counsellor and author - in this video from his major Youtube channel Infinite Waters, he shares his 5 ways to help you move through pain, anxiety and fear.


Oprah + Sheryl Sandberg - grief resources - loss&found - videos - super soul sunday


Oprah's Super Soul Sundays series is full of inspiring and truth-telling interviews about living through loss and grief of all sorts and transcending pain through spirit.

In this short clip with Sheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook), she shares how "leaning into the suck" of grief helped her cope after her husband's sudden death.

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This video offers insight and wisdom from the Sikh tradition on moving through death, loss and grief and provides helpful food for thought from the Gurbani (sacred Sikh literature) as to how we as a society can better conceptualize death so that we can be more prepared for grief.

I suggest listening/watching in 2-3 chunks as it is long and there is much to digest. Note: You may find some of these concepts upsetting at first, but I urge you to listen to the end with an open heart and mind.



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