Whenever I'm in the midst of loss and grief I search for anything and everything to help me help myself. Below are some healers who may be of assistance in helping you through. Peep what resonates - leave the rest.

Healers - grief - Chani Nicholas - astrology


Chani is an intersectional feminist astrologist who makes astrology practical, approachable and useful.

She believes that what we have survived can eventually help us to thrive. Sista after my own heart!

She offers tons of free and reasonably priced offerings (including weekly horoscopes) and/or you can  work with her one-on-one.





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bree Melanson, Spiritual Medium and soul trainer 

Bree is a medium who communicates with guides, angels and souls (including those who have passed) to help you get unstuck and see life, and all the pain it can bring, from your soul's perspective. She has helped me cope with my loss and grief in a major way.

Bree offers consultations via Skype to clients worldwide. 

Sign up for her daily channeled messages here.

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I am a huuuuuuuge believer in the power of professional counselling, particularly when dealing with loss and grief.

Having a trained professional with similar morals and values can be a game changer. I don't know where I would be today without my therapist Kim Boivin (needless to say, I think she's the shit + she does Skype calls!).

Goodtherapy.org makes it easy to find a qualified counsellor in your area. They also have free resources on grief available right on the site.


Dharma Temple - Healers - Grief - Loss - Yoga


Owners / truth-tellers Tiaga Prem and SJ have created a sacred space for paradigm shifters - offering yoga, meditation, ceremony and conscious events.

For those outside of Vancouver, BC you can partake in Tiaga Prem's free Daily Tune-In on IG Stories - an opportunity to set your intention for the day with the practices of meditation, pranayama (breath work), spiritual discourse and affirmative prayer.

Kundalini is an amazing way to help move through grief and part of my regular practice.

Natalie Miles - Psychic Upgrade - Healer - Grief


Natalie (aka The Psychic Upgrade) is an experienced psychic medium offering psychic readings, mediumship to reconnect with loved ones who have passed, past life regressions & intuitive life coaching.

Natalie is no doubt one of the most gifted healers I know, and offers loads of practical wisdom and insight to move through loss and/or connect with your loved ones. She's an ongoing source of support for me.

Follow @nats_miles on IG for her daily upgrade readings.

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Sue is a gifted "good witch" (as I like to call her), specializing in Bazi Destiny Analysis (Chinese Astrology), I-Ching Divination, Tarot and Feng Shui. Sue has helped me better understand myself and how to cope through career changes, caregiver burnout, car accidents, relationship woes, death etc.

After losing her dad to cancer, Sue began studying astrology as an inquiry into the interconnectedness of her relationships.

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