"The first time I heard Rachel she speak, it was at an International Women's Day event. I remember her energy being both powerful and calming. I made a note of her website thinking I'd pass it along to a friend but after scrolling through the pages, I quickly realized that she was offering leadership I myself had been looking for. Attending Rachel's workshops and community gatherings has helped me discover words I didn't know I needed. She's created safe spaces for conversation and community I didn't know I craved. She has helped me uncover a piece of myself I didn't know existed. She is a beacon of hope and compassion - while keeping the work accessible and grounded in reality. If you're reading this, you've found Rachel. Don't let this moment pass you by."

- Elim Chu, Consultant, Fashion Stylist

"Rachel is a bright light on a dark night. She’s full of compassion and intuitive wisdom, and she knows how to take me to the heart of the matter. When I’m working with her, I feel truly honoured for who I am and where I’m at. Rachel asks potent questions, and she’s not afraid to say what needs to be said. Her insights transform our conversations and the way I feel. Working with her is a brilliant and beautiful experience of healing through feeling."

- Lucie B., Certified Executive Coach

- - 

"...Rachel is [young] and cool. And she talks about grief, and dying and death. And this is the first incredible thing about her work. Those themes are kept like secrets in societal conversations. Let alone among young and cool people. But she does it. And she does it in such a competent, compassionate, confident, assertive way. 

But the other incredible thing is how she mixes that competence, that integrated knowledge, with lightness, with humor. A type of humor that is always respectful and compassionate. She has all of my endorsement and support. This woman is a star. A shining star."

- Hiroko Demichelis, Trauma Expert, Positive Psychology Master & Co-founder @ Moment Meditation

- -

"I lost my mom when I was twenty years old and wish I had had known Rachel then. If I had had her guidance at that time I know I would have navigated my grief in a much more focused and productive way. Rachel's an inspiring person with a unique voice and powerful presence. This is a person that has found her calling in life and I would unequivocally recommend attending one of her events to anyone that has gone or is going through some shit. So pretty much everybody."

- Lucas Berube, Project Manager

- - 

"The raw power channeled by Rachel and evoked through her work is as stunning as it is rare. Truly she was called to guide others not simply through grief -- but to make and hold space for, to discover and to process, to recognize and accept, to release and to heal -- all by, for, and with grief and loss. Despite believing I was prepared, her workshop caught me completely off-guard in the best way, simultaneously filling me up and emptying me out.

Every human deserves what Rachel has to offer this world, what she has to offer you. She is a masterful guide trailblazing the human spirit in a cultural territory that, clearly, demands to be reclaimed and embraced for us to truly and completely live. Rachel will show you how to find the thing inside you that you were taught to bury." 

- Ashley Thompson, Harvard Graduate + Former Civil Engineer Officer @ United States Air Force

- - 

"Rachel came into my life when my mom only had a few more weeks to live. Since then, Rachel has become one of my rocks when my grief is triggered by a new 'oh-right-my-mom-isn’t-here' experience and becomes overwhelming. Rachel just gets it.

I am now part of her Grief Support Group, and recently finished up her From Grief to Grace retreat. I cannot say enough good things about the retreat and how Rachel approached the weekend...After the retreat, I felt like I had taken a step forward which seemed impossible previously. Rachel gave us real tools and exercises to use whenever we are in that overwhelming moment of 'stuckness'. I would strongly encourage anyone who is feeling stuck, confused, or aimless after a loved one’s death to work with her."

Mia Pears, Urban Planner

- - 

"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Rachel. Her capacity to create space for others allows for the nuances and complexities of loss to be explored in ways that I could not have anticipated. She holds up a proverbial mirror that allows her participants to see themselves in each other, while still honouring the individual experience. She acts as a guide through the process of mapping one's grief.

Rachel is also really fucking funny which only serves to add more humanity to this intimate practice. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

- Gen Hume, Harvard Graduate + Co-Founder @ Loaded Bow and Hume Atelier

- -

"I was going through a breakup and was experiencing the most intense grief of my life. Not knowing how to navigate through certain emotions and feelings [was] leading [to] me making some 'not so great' decisions. Rachel is an amazing listener, and gave me the space to clear my head...[she] carefully helped me navigate through some tough emotional walls and help me visually re-organize my feelings in a constructive way.

I felt a serious sense of relief after just one session with Rachel, and came out of it with some great practices to work on. I would definitely recommend Rachel to anyone in need of some clarity on the grieving process, and really anything :) "

- Keighty Gallagher, Founder @ Tight Club Athletics

- - 

"Rachel's work in this space is extremely inspiring and I've personally found it incredibly helpful. I've been a diligent follower of loss&found from it's inception and the articles and videos have been of great assistance to me on a wide range of issues related to grief and loss. Rachel approaches this difficult space with a super sharp, intelligent and modern approach that is grounded in spirituality and compassion - I am so thankful that Rachel is doing this work, it's truly a very important niche that needs filling. Get it girl!"

- Daniel Gelfer, Strategic Management @ Google Hong Kong

- -

"My experience working with Rachel can best be described as "clearing space." Before our class began, she called on each of us to be real with ourselves and others, and make some room to feel the feelings that brought us together that evening. Through her mindful cues, and empathetic and honest nature, we moved through exercises that left me feeling lighter, brighter, and more open than when I walked through the door.

Rachel guided us through breath work that was a challenge unlike anything I've experienced. In the end, it felt as though parts of my body and mind had opened, allowing room for more clarity, more kindness, and more space to feel like myself."

- Karenna Williams, Aboriginal Rights Lawyer + Member of Six Nations of the Grand River

- - 

"I'm always on the hunt for the most powerful voices in town, who can tell a story from the gut and keep a room in the palm of their hand...Rachel came recommended by a number of contacts, namely for her work in the grief space and her dynamic personality. At the event Rachel quieted a full venue of 20 - 40 something city-dwellers, people leaned into the stage to hear her next word as she shared her powerful story of losing her mother, and bringing in larger themes of her work. Multiple people came up to me after the event asking how to connect with her and her work, everyone in the room could feel her radical openness, understanding of story and real desire to impact community. I'm on the edge of my seat to see what she is up to next." 

- Lizzy Karp, Co-Founder @ RainCity Chronicles + Record Club, and Communications Manager @ Telus

- - 

"I so enjoyed and appreciate my session with Rachel. She is incredibly wise and knowledgeable. She was good at hearing what I have been thinking about and struggling with and incorporating those things effectively into her healing strategies. Rachel is able to empathize well and connected my life experience with her own. I especially appreciated the visualization exercise of speaking to my inner child...She is so clearly meant to do this work."

- Ashley Milbury, Youth Coordinator @ The Minerva Foundation for BC Women

- -

"When Rachel hosts an event, I'm in. And you should be too. I recently attended Article Club and can't wait for the next. [Rachel] drew a diverse group of women who are hustling in their everyday lives and created a space where we could learn from others to understand how to help ourselves. 

The articles chosen were thought provoking and useful. It was the discussion that Rachel facilitated though, that really had us all acknowledge the reality of burnout (the topic of this particular meeting). Rachel consistently asks the hard questions, holds space for everyone to acknowledge the tough answers and provides tools for a graceful landing back to reality..."

- Morgan McDonald, Corporate Lawyer

- -  

"...I really enjoyed and walked away from the [grief and loss] workshop feeling better about my journey with grief.  Rachel mentioned during the workshop she does grief support groups, and it just sounded real, raw and not a sugar coated typical support group...There was a variety of activities worked into the sessions - a hike, dancing with our eyes closed and crying.  Oh and let’s not forget the pot luck at our last session!...I took so many things away from the group, things I have shared with others, and things that I remind myself to do every day. 

I would highly recommend the [Grief Support Group] to anyone that has experienced any changes in life that has them seeking out connection with others to help guide them.  You will learn something not only from Rachel, but the others in your group.  We are more alike that we think."

- Angela Serwetz, Senior Business Analyst @ Lululemon

- - 

"A friend suggested that I follow Rachel’s loss&found instagram page after my mother's death. I had previously thought about seeking grief support, but wasn’t sure what I was looking for. I found Rachel’s take on grief via social media comforting and constructive, so I booked myself in to be part of her grief group and for one-on-one sessions.

I wanted to give myself space to grieve, but with an approach that made me feel that I was moving forward in the process, and that’s the best part of Rachel’s work. She offered a compassionate ear, insightful feedback and practical tools that I’ve used and continue to use to deal with my mother’s death and life in general. Rachel has a gift and she gets grief. You won’t find anyone more innovative, relatable or empathetic in this space."

-Erica Corber, Project Manager

- - 

"I got to know Rachel Ricketts through the Tight Club Town Hall event in honour of International Women's Day, where she was a panelist...Rachel made me think about intersectionality and white privilege in a way that I hadn't considered...What I admire about Rachel is how she listens as passionately as she speaks. She is genuinely interested in hearing the experiences others and helping them acknowledge their feelings. Her honesty is refreshing, and she confronts difficult and uncomfortable conversations head on, navigating with grace and respect yet never compromising the importance of her message. 

Each time I hear her speak, I feel as though she pulls out a little part of me that I consciously or unconsciously suppress. As part of The Activist at Tight Club, Rachel lead an active-release meditation and I was surprised by my emotional response. Her powerful and encouraging voice, accompanied by consistent breath work, moved me to tears...

Maybe that's it. Rachel is able to bring up things that people have a hard time addressing. She doesn't let you shy away from the difficult conversations – with yourself or others. Instead she offers positive encouragement to acknowledge whatever it may be, without compromise."

- Kate Lollar, Brand Manager @ AG Hair

- -  

"When I first took [Rachel's] class at the Loaded Bow retreat, and then through the ActiveIST, I wasn't sure what to expect. She totally blew us all out of the water by not only being incredibly strong and focused, but by teaching without condescension and  making space in the room for each person...

I recommend Rachel for anyone who has felt any sort of loss or grief. Whether it's losing a person, pet, job, or even and idea of who you once were, she can help you move through the feelings in a constructive and profound way. "

- Gillian Damborg, Creative Director @ Gillian Damborg Design

- - 

"Rachel is hands down the most inspiring, professional, and relatable facilitator I have ever experienced. In a workshop I attended of hers focused on parenthood for new moms, she led the room with such power and grace that everyone immediately felt at ease. She managed to make the space feel completely safe and a place of no judgement (which is nearly impossible for new mums!), yet still managed to ask the meaningful, deep questions that allowed us to explore parts of parenthood that are rarely talked about. I left Rachel's workshop feeling hopeful and more connected to my community around me than I ever would have imagined. If you are looking for real, meaningful discussions and experiences to be shared, then there is no one better to lead than Rachel."

- Lauren Bercovitch, Executive Producer @ Kelly & Kelly

- - 

"I sought out Rachel's help because I found that my clients were often dealing with grief and I wanted to make sure that I was bringing a respectful and empathetic approach to my interactions with them.  Rachel provided me with resources to offer to these clients and practical advice on appropriate language that is both compassionate and professional.  Rachel's coaching reinforced my confidence in my ability to assist clients going through very difficult life events."

- Michelle, Class Actions Lawyer