"...Rachel is [young] and cool. And she talks about grief, and dying and death. And this is the first incredible thing about her work. Those themes are kept like secrets in societal conversations. Let alone among young and cool people. But she does it. And she does it in such a competent, compassionate, confident, assertive way. 

But the other incredible thing is how she mixes that competence, that integrated knowledge, with lightness, with humor. A type of humor that is always respectful and compassionate. She has all of my endorsement and support. This woman is a star. A shining star."

- Hiroko Demichelis, Trauma Expert, Positive Psychology Master & Co-founder @ Moment Meditation

"Rachel's work in this space is extremely inspiring and I've personally found it incredibly helpful. I've been a diligent follower of loss&found from it's inception and the articles and videos have been of great assistance to me on a wide range of issues related to grief and loss. Rachel approaches this difficult space with a super sharp, intelligent and modern approach that is grounded in spirituality and compassion - I am so thankful that Rachel is doing this work, it's truly a very important niche that needs filling. Get it girl!"

- Daniel Gelfer, Google Hong Kong

"I was going through a breakup and was experiencing the most intense grief of my life. Not knowing how to navigate through certain emotions and feelings [was] leading [to] me making some 'not so great' decisions. Rachel is an amazing listener, and gave me the space to clear my head. And after all the blubbering was said and done, Rachel carefully helped me navigate through some tough emotional walls and help me visually re-organize my feelings in a constructive way.

I felt a serious sense of relief after just one session with Rachel, and came out of it with some great practices to work on. I would definitely recommend Rachel to anyone in need of some clarity on the grieving process, and really anything :) "

- Keighty Gallagher, Founder @ Tight Club Athletics

"I so enjoyed and appreciate my session with Rachel. She is incredibly wise and knowledgeable. She was good at hearing what I have been thinking about and struggling with and incorporating those things effectively into her healing strategies.

Rachel is able to empathize well and connected my life experience with her own. I especially appreciated the visualization exercise of speaking to my inner child...She is so clearly meant to do this work."

- Ashley Milbury, Youth Programs Coordinator @ The Minerva Foundation for BC Women