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Time to Talks on RACE + RACISM

Bodhi Studio's Time to Talks is back and the topic is Race + Racism as led by yours truly.

Every inch of Bodhi Studios feels like they cannot, and will not, sit quietly any longer while ignoring those that are spreading hate in this world. 

If over this last week you have told yourself that you no longer want to be silent, you want to come together peacefully to have a voice, but deep down you have said to yourself that you have no idea how... or that you may not know where to begin. 

Time to Talks is the perfect place to start the conversation and take a stand. We'll kick things off with a heart-opening Kundalini class and then dive into some raw, real and necessary convo. All proceeds will go to WOC Talks, a safe space for women of colour to share and heal. Head to to sign-up! xo R