About loss&found...

We've all been through loss on some level - anxiety, burnout, death, heartbreak, parenthood (uh huh), miscarriage, divorce, marriage (mmhmmm), physical ailments, loss of identity, trust etc. -- loss and grief are as normal and natural as our love for Netflix.

Despite there being over 40 known forms of loss, there are too few places to share our experiences in a real and sincere way so we can heal our own hearts.

Enter: loss&found.

loss&found provides the space for you to be YOU -- exactly as, who and where you are, unabashed and unafraid. In order to move through challenging emotions it helps to get real with ourselves. No sugarcoating, no self-censoring, just honest, authentic feeling for the healing.

Here you will find support and resources to help find the light and manifest more joy.

If you're moving through some sh*t and it feels as though you're all alone. I'd love to help you through.

If you are in crisis, please reach out for help by calling 9-1-1 or a crisis centre in your area. To find a crisis centre near you, click here. You are not alone.

Wanna Be Friends? Me Too! Here's What You Can Do Next…

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Workshops + Speaking Engagements

I offer a variety of workshops in and around Vancouver, B.C. Check the events page for upcoming opportunities to connect in the flesh.

If you're hosting an event and/or need a speaker - let's jam out on ways my offerings can be of service, connect with me below.

Vision & Mission


Every human moving through a challenging time, no matter the cause, duration or manifestation, feels seen, heard and supported through their experience.


Delivering heart-centered offerings to a community of folks seeking practical + spiritual guidance moving through life's challenges and manifesting more joy at all times.


I believe all profits should be for a purpose and everyone could use some help, no matter their class, race, gender, ability etc. As such, I am committed to giving back in the following ways:

  • Partial or full subsidies are available to those in need for all of my offerings (just email me to apply), priority given to those on social assistance; 
  • I offer workshops on a sliding scale or by donation in and around Vancouver, B.C.;
  • I regularly donate time and/or profits to causes I care about including but not limited to: Planned Parenthood, Vancouver Native Health Society, WOC (Women of Colour) Talk, Red Cross, Partners in the Horn of Africa, Urban Native Youth Association and Native Women's Association of Canada.

Core Values

At loss&found, values are errythang! Here's a list of what I strive to offer:

(1) support - First and foremost this is a space to feel unwavering support. For you, your struggle and all the amazing shit you're gonna get up to on the other side (and I'm here to help you get there).

(2) communion - Not so much in the "bow down to Jesus" kinda way, but rather about sharing intimate feelings, thoughts and experiences on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Sharing is fucking caring y'all - and I GO IN.

(3) healing - This space and my services can be a main ingredient in the process of feeling and becoming sound, balanced and complete again. I strive to leave you better than when you first came.

(4) community - I'm creating a crew of vulnerable, courageous warriors. Folks who, like us, have been through some sh*t and are looking for a place to call home. Its finally safe to unpack your bags because you've arrived and BONUS, there's a positivity posse here to greet ya!

(5) compassion - I have sympathy and concern for the suffering and misfortune of others, which is what led me to this work. It is through and with compassion that I am able to guide clients facing whatever life throws their way and help turn profoundly challenging experiences into opportunities for liberation.