Lightening The Loss: A 10 Week Online Grief Support Workshop

 Need guidance moving through grief on your own terms? Seeking straight-forward support to minimize pain? This, is for you.

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As a thank you for joining me for the New Year, DO you grief support webinar I'm dishing up an exclusive limited offer to join the next intake of my grief support e-course Lightening the Loss at 10% off good until SUN JAN 14th. This offer is also available to your friends and fam so you can spread the love for the new year.

If you or a loved one want to feel seen, heard and supported through your grief and pack your toolbox full of ways to minimize your pain...sign-up below to claim your offer.

#1 - immersive healing

This is the full meal deal, you get all the worksheets, recorded videos, virtual Q&A coaching call*, email support and the like PLUS extra support by way of: (i) a personalized 1:1 grief coaching call scheduled at your preference, (ii) an additional live group coaching call (recorded + circulated) and (iii) bonus content. Limited spots avail - this stays intimate for the best support.

This is the preferred + suggested way to take this offering as personalized, live coaching will allow you to get the most from the course + provide you with the best results. Strongly suggested for folks moving through loss in the first 12-18 months.

**All this at the special, limited-time offer of $535.50 CDN**


- OR - 


This offering provides you with all the of course content including the virtual Q&A coaching call* but without any personalized or 1:1 coaching. This is a great option for those folks who can move through the content independently and are not in need of personalized coaching at this time. Please ensure you have other outside support available if selecting this option.

**All this at the special limited-time offer of $405 CDN**


Don't sleep on these limited-time offers ending SUN JAN 14th @ 8 PM PST / 11 PM EST. Grab your spot today and get over $3,000 worth of curated grief support + guidance to help you transition out of pain and into investment in yourself has the highest return.

*Virtual Q&A Coaching Call (for all) is Sunday Feb 4th @ 10:30 am (PST) / 1:30 pm (EST). It will be hosted on Zoom and recorded and circulated afterward. Virtual Group Coaching Call (Immersive Healing only) is Wednesday Feb 28th at 6pm (PST) / 9pm (EST) [both recorded].

**In the US!? Congrats - you get a further 30%-ish discount thanks to the CDN to USD exchange rate!

***If your heart is feeling the call but finances will not allow, please shoot me a note. Scholarships and subsidies are available.


PLEASE NOTE: loss&found + its offerings are not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, medical treatment or therapy.  Always seek the advice of your physical or qualified mental health provider with any questions you may have regarding any mental health symptom or medical condition. This course is not suitable for those with mental health conditions.

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"...Rachel asks potent questions, and she’s not afraid to say what needs to be said...Working with her is a brilliant and beautiful experience of healing through feeling..."

- Lucie B., Executive Life Coach

"The raw power channeled by Rachel and evoked through her work is as stunning as it is rare. Truly she was called to guide others not simply through grief -- but to make and hold space for, to discover and to process, to recognize and accept, to release and to heal -- all by, for, and with grief and loss..."

- Ashley Thompson, Harvard Graduate + Civil Engineer Officer @ US Army