From Grief to Grace Retreat

Dealing with the pain of loss and grief is hard, to say the least. Join me for an intimate, one-of-a kind re-treat where you can get away from all the bullshit life throws your way and have some much needed time to help heal your heart. Below is a description of the last From Grief to Grace Retreat, read below for more info and sign-up to stay in the loop for the next one!

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Join me for a 3 day/2 night island retreat just outside of Vancouver, B.C. As a self-proclaimed loss sur-thriver, I know first-hand how challenging loss and hardship can be. I’ve been where you are but through self-love, divine guidance and doing the work , I came out punching with more clarity and purpose than ever. I now help people transform their grief to personal growth and help us change our relationship with death, loss and ultimately...ourselves. Learn more about me...

Rachel Ricketts, Intuitive Grief Coach

Rachel Ricketts, Intuitive Grief Coach

I created a special retreat on moving beyond loss to find the gifts that are often deeply imbedded underneath the pain.  

Praise about From Grief to Grace..

"I cannot say enough good things about the retreat and how Rachel approached the weekend. There was a ton of variety in the written and physical activities (outdoor education excursion, speaking to a spiritual medium, breathing exercises) and discussions (where to find moments of honour and joy).  After the retreat, I felt like I had taken a step forward which seemed impossible previously. Rachel gave us real tools and exercises to use whenever we are in that overwhelming moment of 'stuckness'. I would strongly encourage anyone who is feeling stuck, confused, or aimless after a loved one’s death to work with her."

- Mia Pears

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What we covered:

  • What grief is (how it manifests and how to move out of it);
  • How to find solace and support by coming together with others who "get it";
  • How loss and grief are a pervasive but manageable part of life;
  • Practical tools to help use grief as a gateway to grace;
  • How to know when to honor your sorrow and when to move forward;
  • How to tap into spirit as a means for healing our pain;
  • Solidify a vision for moving forward emotionally and create a new, bigger self in the world; and
  • So much more!

What's included:

  • 3 days and 2 nights in an expansive, secluded home surrounded in nature on Bowen Island, a 20 minute ferry ride from Vancouver in Beautiful British Columbia;
  • Personal, hands-on guidance from grief to grace led by me including take-home materials;
  • A special 90 minute virtual session led by psychic medium and soul trainer Bree Melanson;
  • Our personal chef Christina Culver of Culver City Salads will be preparing delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals daily as we move through curriculum;
  • Ocean, beach walks, personal time, cozy fires, wine and soulful connections;
  • Over $2500 CDN worth of programming work (and discounts on future one-on-one sessions)!

Who's it for:

  • Anyone who has experienced some form of loss (i.e. - death, divorce, miscarriage, heartbreak, identity loss, job loss, loss of health etc.), at any time, and is seeking help to move through the pain.


  • Prices include food, accommodation and programming work (travel+ferry costs are not included)

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Sign-up below to stay in the loop for the next retreat (likely Winter 2017). Spaces will be limited...don't miss out!

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Here's a sneak peek of all the goodness from the last retreat...


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