Fall Into Fullness: A LadyBoss Summit  

OCT 20th-22nd, 2017 - BOWEN ISLAND, B.C, Canada

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Get your out-of-office reply ready and let me lead you on a beautiful journey inward. To connect to what's true as you get clear on what's best and right for YOU (not your company, your boss, your partner or your parents). 

Being a female professional or entrepreneur can be more than tough. The boys clubs, glass ceiling and daily patriarchal bullshit can truly take it's toll - no matter how tough of a cookie you might be (and hey, it takes one to know one).

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Join me for an intimate 2.5 day/2 night island retreat just outside of Vancouver, B.C. As a "recovering" corporate and entertainment lawyer and self-proclaimed loss sur-thriver, I know first-hand how challenging professional life can be. I’ve been where you are but through self-love, divine guidance and doing the work, I came out punching with more clarity and purpose than ever. I now help folks transform their struggle into personal growth and can help you change your relationship with work, life, loss and ultimately...yourself. Learn more about me...

 Rachel Ricketts, Intuitive Grief Coach

Rachel Ricketts, Intuitive Grief Coach

I've teamed up with Christina Culver of Culver City Salads to bring you a weekend of feasting you won't soon forget! You'll not only leave with a full heart, but a delightfully full belly.

I've created a special retreat for Lady Boss professional/entrepreneurial ladies (like you) who want a moment of respite and reflection in order to take charge of your career and your life and find that elusive thing they call BALANCE.

What we’ll be covering:

  • The universality of burnout, it's impact on our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being and how to alleviate it
  • Common (but often invisible) issues faced by women at home and at work such as mental load and emotional labour
  • How to make self-care a priority
  • Tools to deal with common life/work stressors and how to stand in joy no matter the ish around you
  • Solidifying a vision for moving forward emotionally and otherwise to create a new, bigger self in the world filled with confidence and purpose
  • Guidance on juggling work, relationships, friends, motherhood, care taking, yourself - aka "it all"
  • The universality of grief, how it manifests at work and at home, and how to effectively unearth and move through it
  • How to stand confidently in your power and draw healthy boundaries
  • Ways to manage your energy and handle "energy vampires"
  • A new moon / harvest celebration and how to harness this energy for success
  • So much more!

What's included:

  • 2.5 days and 2 nights in a secluded luxurious home on Bowen Island, B.C. a 20 minute ferry from Vancouver in Beautiful British Columbia
  • Personal, hands-on guidance and coaching led by me
  • Daily delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals prepared by Christina
  • Oracle card readings
  • Meditation and reflective journalling
  • Vision-setting and goal work
  • A conscientious cooking class
  • Resiliency training
  • Nature awareness
  • Badass breathwork
  • Over $2,000 in programming from moi and discounts on future sessions
  • Beach walks, down time, seaside hangs, cozy fires, laughter and soulful connections with a kick-ass crew of women
  • An experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, recharged and ready to handle the ups and downs of life

Who's it for:

  • Women who want to take charge of their careers and their lives so they can find a healthy balance of giving and receiving, whether at work or at home
  • Professional / entrepreneurial women who are tired of feeling like they need to do it all alone (and with a smile)
  • Ladies who are moving through hardships of any kind as it relates to work and/or personal life

Room Options + Investment (CDN):

(a) 1 Bedroom Master Suite

The private master suite includes a King bed, private bathroom and view of the ocean. Perfect for a solo traveler looking for spacious luxury or two friends / acquaintances who are down to share with plenty of room.

Single Occupant - $1350

Double Occupants - $1150/per person x 2


(b) 1 Bedroom Shared Suite

The shared suite is complete with 4 modern built-in bunkbeds, bright windows and a spacious shared bathroom just a few steps away. 

Twin Bed (Top Bunk) - $1000

Double Bed (Bottom Bunk) - $1100


(c) 1 Bedroom Loft Suite

The private loft suite includes a Queen bed and small private outdoor nook with a spacious shared bathroom just down the hall. Ideal for a single guest or two close friends who do not mind noise. Note: This suite is over one of the living rooms and has partial walls.

Single Occupant - $1200

Double Occupants - $1000/per person x 2


All prices include food, accommodation and programming work (travel not included). A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot and final payment is due by Sept 30th.

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Here's a sneak peek of all the goodness that awaits you...

What Peeps are Saying About Past Retreats...

"I cannot say enough good things about the retreat and how Rachel approached the weekend...After the retreat, I felt like I had taken a step forward which seemed impossible previously. Rachel gave us real tools and exercises to use whenever we are in that overwhelming moment of 'stuckness'. I would strongly encourage anyone who is feeling stuck, confused, or aimless [to] work with her."

- Mia Pears, Urban Planner

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"The raw power channeled by Rachel and evoked through her work is as stunning as it is rare...Every human deserves what Rachel has to offer this world, what she has to offer you. She is a masterful guide trailblazing the human spirit in a cultural territory that, clearly, demands to be reclaimed and embraced for us to truly and completely live. Rachel will show you how to find the thing inside you that you were taught to bury." 

- Ashley Thompson, Civil Engineer Officer @ United States Air Force, Certified Sexual Assault Advocate + Crisis Responder, and Harvard Graduate

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"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Rachel. Her capacity to create space for others allows for the nuances and complexities of loss to be explored in ways that I could not have anticipated. She holds up a proverbial mirror that allows her participants to see themselves in each other, while still honouring the individual experience. She acts as a guide through the process of mapping one's grief. 

Rachel is also really fucking funny which only serves to add more humanity to this intimate practice. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

- Genevieve Hume, Harvard Graduate + Co-Founder @ Loaded Bow and Hume Atelier


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