Death Doula Coaching Sessions

Personalized coaching to help you cope with all the unknowns inherent in death and dying.

Chances are if you're reading this, mortality has crept up on you or your loved one and the fear of death has become imminent. If you are in the process of dying, or helping a loved one who is, you likely have a shitload of questions. And concerns.

What can I expect? What does the dying process look like? How the hell do I get through this? Well, my friend, you've come to the right place.

What is a Death Doula?

What the eff is a death doula you ask? Well, its a lotta things.  I am familiar with the body's emotional, physical, mental and spiritual transition from this world to what lays beyond. As someone who has personally experienced the death of loved ones and helped many others through the same, I'm familiar with the process. Much like a birth doula is familiar with the ins and outs of delivering life, I am trained to help when life is drawing to a close. I know first-hand how trying this time can be and the anxiety caused by feeling like your entire world is falling apart.

As a trained death doula, I offer you personalized, non-medical peer support to help guide you through this tumultuous time - whether you're in the process of death, or helping someone through. Together, we work on finding healthy and effective ways to cope with the loss and grief caused by death and dying, and find you the tools and resources to help you be as present and potent as possible, as quickly as possible - 'cuz time ain't guaranteed.

What It Ain't

I'm not a therapist or doctor, and a death doula is by no means intended to replace doctors, nurses, hospice care, qualified professional counselling or emergency services. 

I don't have all the answers (sure wish I did), but I can definitely share my wisdom and help make this process all the easier for you and your loved ones. The pain and despair that accompanies death and dying can be drastically reduced by taking active steps to honour ourselves and those we love, find peace and forgiveness prior to transition and plan for an uncertain future. One baby step at a time.

How Does It Work?

I offer hourly coaching sessions, generally via Skype, so you can get the emotional and spiritual support you need from the comfort of your own home or office. If you're located in Vancouver, B.C., we can also discuss in-person options and rates.

Each session is personalized to your specific needs/situation, but may include any or all of the following:

  • A kind, listening ear and practical guidance;
  • Assistance understanding the process of dying;
  • Facilitating a life review and assisting the dying, and/or loved ones, find peace and forgiveness before death;
  • Support in writing eulogies, obituaries, making memorial arrangements and navigating advance directives and estates issues;
  • Suggestions for ways to honour yourself and/or your loved one;
  • Reiki (healing energy);
  • Guided meditation;
  • Suggested resources (books, podcasts, healers etc.);
  • Oracle Card readings;
  • Ritual setting; and/or
  • Legacy work.

Offerings & Rates

Doula for the DYING - $100/hour

Through coaching calls I guide the dying through the practical, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of end of life and advocate on the dying's behalf to help create a beautiful transition experience.

Doula for loved ones of the DYING - $100/hour

Through coaching calls I guide the dying person's loved ones (family or otherwise) through the practical, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of end of life so those who will be left behind and can forge ahead with the least pain possible.


Facing our death or that of a loved one is often our most dire time of need - giving certified death doula services to someone you love is the utmost act of kindness.

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