Grief coaching. end-of-life education. facilitated breathwork. reiki healing. oracle card readings. Diversity + anti-racism training.

If you feel your business aligns with and could benefit from my many offerings (for personalized and/or group sessions), I'd love to hear from you. 

 I'm deeply passionate about and well-versed to guide you and/or your business in a range of topics including grief, loss + death (obvi), spirituality, race + diversity, burnout, women's issues, entrepreneurship, and law!

I help companies move through transitions of all forms, organizations where a colleague has died, establish and facilitate diversity training for conscious businesses, and so much more.

 I would love to jam out on ways we can work together. Hit me up below.

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Praise from past workshops + collabs...

"The raw power channeled by Rachel and evoked through her work is as stunning as it is rare. Truly she was called to guide others not simply through grief -- but to make and hold space for, to discover and to process, to recognize and accept, to release and to heal -- all by, for, and with grief and loss. Despite believing I was prepared, her workshop caught me completely off-guard in the best way, simultaneously filling me up and emptying me out.

Every human deserves what Rachel has to offer this world, what she has to offer you. She is a masterful guide trailblazing the human spirit in a cultural territory that, clearly, demands to be reclaimed and embraced for us to truly and completely live. Rachel will show you how to find the thing inside you that you were taught to bury." 

- Ashley Thompson, Harvard Graduate (Risk & Resilience) Re the From Loss to Found Workshop at the Loaded Bow Retreat @ Ace Hotel Palm Springs

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"When Rachel hosts an event, I'm in. And you should be too. I recently attended Article Club and can't wait for the next. Rachel and Jenn [of My Edible Advice] drew a diverse group of women who are hustling in their everyday lives and created a space where we could learn from others to understand how to help ourselves. 

The articles chosen were thought provoking and useful. It was the discussion that Rachel facilitated though, that really had us all acknowledge the reality of burnout (the topic of this particular meeting). Rachel consistently asks the hard questions, holds space for everyone to acknowledge the tough answers and provides tools for a graceful landing back to reality. See you all at the next one..."

- Morgan McDonald, Lawyer Re the Real Talk: Article Club for Modern Women (on Burnout + Mental Load) Event @ My Edible Advice

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"I just wanted to send you a quick note on how much I loved last night. I felt like the combination of the high intensity movement quickly followed by the stillness and the heavy breathing created some sort of magical release in my body that I had NO control over. As a control freak, that's quite the feat ;)

So thank you, I described the experience to the crew I had dinner with last night as "transcendent" and now they're all curious. It was very therapeutic and exactly what I needed."

- K.L Re The Active-Ist Collaboration with Keighty Gallagher @ Tight Club


Rachel leading a grief workshop at the  Loaded Bow Retreat 

Rachel leading a grief workshop at the  Loaded Bow Retreat 


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