books & articles to help you through loss...

Whenever I'm in the midst of loss and grief I search for anything and everything to help me help myself. Books, articles, podcasts, therapists, movies, shamans - all the good shit that can help me find the light.

Below is a sample of the "good good" that has helped me through my darkest days - and I hope it will help you too. These are just a small taste of all the goodies I wanna share with ya, so if you want exclusive access to an abundance of support sign up for the loss&found newsletter here! xo R


Grief Recovery Handbook by Grief Recovery Institute

the Grief Recovery handbook by The Grief Recovery Institute

"Time and correct action will lead to emotional recovery. One without the other is not going to do that."

This book is an absolute must for anyone moving through grief of any kind. Not only does it offer up wisdom, but practical exercises to help you commence the journey of grief recovery. You can work through it with a partner (recommended) or on your own.

how to deal with grief by Anonymous

"As for grief, you'll find it comes in waves...the waves never stop coming...but you learn that you'll survive them."

Hands down one of the most articulate explanations of grief I've come across, this article was written by an older man to a grieving individual.  It pertains to the experience following death but I think it applies to grief no matter the cause.

8 Simple words to say when someone you love is grieving by Tim LAwrence

"Some things in life cannot be fixed, they can only be carried." - Megan Devine

Equally helpful for the bereaved and those seeking to help them, this article gives it to you straight. I personally believe everything does happen for a reason, but Tim does a phenomenal job of driving home why platitudes and "fix-its" regarding grief can be dangerous.


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