loss&foundTV: Dealing With Loss As A Dude, An Interview with Aaron De Jong

In this episode of loss&foundTV I interview Aaron De Jong, personal trainer, founder of Movement 108 and co-founder of the amazing adaptive personal training app MOVR.

Aaron and I jive out on the big losses he's experienced in his life, including surviving a house fire that others did not at the tender age of 19, and coping with the recent suicide of his good friend. We also discuss the additional hardships of moving through loss and grief as a male, in a society that doesn't allow men to show or express emotion, as well as Aaron's experience witnessing the physical impact of grief on his clients and how is MOVR app can help the bereaved partake in movement from the comfort of their own home (no stress!).

Aaron is a brilliant and kind soul and he will leave you feeling wiser and warmer. Watch the interview below!

*Please note: this video includes a lot of F-bombs (#sorrynotsorry)*

Also - head to Movement 108 and sign-up for the Boot it for Brenna fundraiser on Mon May 1st at 7pm, all proceeds go to the BC Professional Firefighters Burn Fund.

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xo Rachel Ricketts, Founder & Grief Coach

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