loss & motherhood with Lauren Bercovitch

Welcome to the loss&found podcast! This is a sacred space focusing on various forms of loss to help illuminate its universality and break down the stigma around voicing our grief.

In this first episode, I speak with Lauren Bercovitch about loss, grief and motherhood. Lauren is a mother, producer, friend and founder of the Grown Up Party blog.

We discuss the loss and grief inherent in becoming a parent, navigating the challenges of being a working mom and how society needs to better address loss and grief in the context of parenthood. For all you moms and dads out there- this is episode is not to be missed! Mad love to Lauren for starting the convo. xo R

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I'll also be leading a free info call on moving thru loss and grief with psychic medium Bree Melanson this Sunday Feb 28th at 10:30am - get the deets here.