Loss(t)rology Horoscopes - 2017 Astrological Forecast

In this special edition of loss(t)rology horoscopes, resident astrologist Tara Chloe of What's Your Birthday gives us her all-access annual Astrological Forecast/Report, exclusive to loss&found. This epic forecast offers guidance on how to let go of the bullshit that was 2016 and what to expect for the year ahead, including forecasts for love and life, and, of course, tips for moving through loss and grief. All with original accompanying prints from Amanda Sandlin (now for sale). Dive in below!

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Loss(t)rology Horoscopes - 2017 Astrological Forecast by Tara Chloe

Sometimes we watch as the years go by, not much seems to change; but then you lose something in a year, a year that becomes the root of which you are missing. Of all the years to face a possible loss, this was it. This was the year. It becomes a bad year; a year we wish to forget. 2016 has been polled as potentially the worst year yet.

We may wonder what direction the new year might take; we may wonder where our lives will take us. There is so much that remains uncertain, as we become uncertain about uncertainty but faith can help to guide the storm. The ability to carry on seems difficult, but there is still a love in you. A place that wants to live and give for a new year.

Even if you can’t see it now, there is a light in you and while you gather your faith, consider the stars, and how they might help to shape your destiny. Let them serve as a blueprint for what has passed and what could come. Take the dark with the light and find your place for healing and acceptance. Consider your 2017 Astrological Report.

Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 19)

 Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

“I have an inner warrior within me that won’t let anything get me down for too long.”

What You’ve Lost: The loss is multiple. It’s not something you have long-winded words for, or even the tears, but The Ram hurts in private. Behind that beaming smile there is a wounded soldier, people just fail to see it. You’re so brave and seemingly okay, people questioned your coping methods. There was more to the story. You told the version that worked best for you. Luckily, there is someone in your life you can tell the whole version to. You were a warrior to the tremendous pain, the infinite loss, and ultimate test of time. You are working through it, you always find a way, and you never give up. You are a hero in many eyes, for all that you were able to give at a time that was perhaps the most trying of your life.

What You’ve Gained: You know now what you are prepared to deal with. You’ve had to let some things go, and some people too. It was nothing personal, you just didn’t have the time or the patience for small matters. You’ve gained the ability to see what’s important. Now you know what you want to work towards, and you will get it. You’re a great worker, an excellent planner and you know what you need when you need it. Be cautious of going into selfish Ram mode where you forget to think about the needs of others in your life. In 2017, exercise this quality to reach inner goals. Focus on the things that make you happy (non-materialistic things) - this can even be making more time to spend alone. You’re dealing with your anger, ever so slowly, you are getting there. Time and space have proven to give you clarity and support the things that matter in your life.

How You’ll Love: Relationships are promising in the new year, however they will struggle if they lack honesty, so speak your truth. Your partner can’t be sorry if they don’t know what for. The people you can’t say things to are likely the people you need to avoid, but there is also likely someone that you need to say things to. Love will always seem picture perfect because you make things look good, but Aries will struggle to either be emotional or physical with their partner. When they find a good balance, they know they have the right mix. Regardless, there is a lot of potential to learn from partners and grow into something even better. When Aries really loves someone they will change their set ways and make allowances.What Will Work: This is is a year to career build. Anything to do with: real estate, hospitality, entertainment, sports, family business and children. The big job dream is never at rest with this sign, and there is always a new career goal in place. Many of you have business ideas of your own, and you should not be afraid to live them out. Be the CEO. The problem is Aries can put the holes into almost any project so they have to be super confident about their ideas. This is the year to start mapping them out!

What’s Waiting: The ability for you to come to terms with your emotions and find a healthy way of expressing them. A beautiful experience of travel or home repair—you will find a sense of coming into your own, as you learn the value in being true to yourself and your own desires.  

Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20)

 Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

“Slow and steady has won my race, but this year I'm making moves.”

What You’ve Lost: You don’t have the ability to let go so easily. The stock you invest in people and things is huge. Most signs can’t touch your loyalty, which is why it is all that more painful when you lose. You won’t move on with ease, you will dwell in your sorrow for a time. It will take you awhile to feel remotely like yourself. You may become your pain. You are as passionate about love as you are losing. Your grieving heart will rule your moods and life moments.

What You’ve Gained: You have a sense of direction. For many Taurus’, it will seem like there is a clear path. Follow it, if it feels right. You’re finally in a position to be the person you were hiding. Some of you found that person awhile ago, and you can see the difference. When you decide to want the right things and ask for what you want, it will all fall into place. Don’t resist the good things that are coming for you. Trust in what you have, and continue to honor what you’ve lost.

How You’ll Love: Single Taurus will have hearts in their eyes, and grow restless when things don’t work out. Taurus knows how to do relationships, but that doesn’t mean everyone else does. Happy - in love Taurus is exactly that. For some love is progressing at the perfect pace. In October, lucky Jupiter enters your House of Partnership and Marriage for 12 months, making it the best time to get married since 2006! Other Taurus people are wanting more from their mates. Find a way to ask for what you desire without making yourself worry that you did the wrong thing. Communication is always key, just find a healthy medium. Kill with kindness. Pick your battles, always, but don’t neglect battles that need to be dealt with promptly.

What Will Work: A new job is in the wings, but truthfully a lot of you are not happy with what you do. There is a bigger and brighter dream awaiting, and it’s not the one currently filling your piggy bank. Taurus loves a stable pay cheque, they love money, and this can keep them in a job that they hate. The power is in your sign to make the switch if you wanted. Happily, careered Taurus also has the power of promotion in their hands – unless of course you are already the boss! In which case connecting with your co-workers, and forming genuine loyalties is key. Don’t turn a blind eye to what seems difficult, sometimes people require an explanation. Everyone has a story, be open to hearing it, and embrace the unfamiliar.

What’s Waiting: A change whether big or small will enhance your life. You are encouraged to travel, experience new spaces or build current spaces. Many of you are with the one, but yet to marry. Taurus gives the devotion and loyalty of any healthy and happy marriage, naturally. You don’t have to walk down an aisle or say “I do” to be someone’s wife or hubby.  

Gemini (May 21-Jun. 20)

 Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

“I will work to have patience with the people who make me less charming.”

What You’ve Lost: You’ve had to deal with loss privately and it feels like not everyone understands how much this is affecting you, but it is. You are consumed by the loss. You do whatever you can to honor what’s gone, but it’s not so easy, and it does the loss no justice—or so you feel. Still, Gemini finds comfort in those who are on the same page as them. You’re not stale right now, and you fight for this, but you are still drowning in the loss. Don’t be too stubborn to let loved ones steer you away from a shipwreck. Prone to suppression, you might really need to let it out.

What You’ve Gained: At the root, you’re a very giving and generous person to the people who are good to you. You’ve gained the respect of many people, people who know they can always count on you when it really matters. You’ve become a better person. You’ve let things go and taken the high and elegant road. Maturity looks good on you.

How You’ll Love: This is a good time for partnerships and friendships! There are some Gems that find things that bother them - even if they are in love. Gemini can’t help but strive for ultimate perfection! Lucky Jupiter makes love relationships this year positive. This is the time to fall in love. New relationships will occur as you find yourself becoming attracted to people who are totally different than you. 2017 sees Gemini enjoying more with their partners, new places, new travel experiences and new perspectives. Gemini needs to stay sincere in their flirtations. It’s very easy for Gemini to charm without being impressed. Gemini just wants to love you right, and if you listen to their concerns, things can run smoothly. The most important thing for a Gemini is that they feel heard, so take the time to listen to them.  

What Will Work: Property is on your mind. A change of location may be in your cards. Many Gems have struggled to find their place of work, but those who are finally content can become a little too content. Sometimes the work helps to distract Gemini from all the things they worry and get anxious about. If you like the work it can be like a drug, so be cautious of this.What’s Waiting: So much! If you are willing to let go of the things and people that are harming you, there is much in store. Let go of whatever is bringing you down. Focus on the positive and good things will come—it’s just a matter of time! Stop thinking so much. Talk about what’s bothering you, and deal with your issues. Otherwise they will only come back to haunt you—this is fact!

Cancer (Jun. 21-Jul. 22)

 Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

“This year I take what is already good and make it great.”

What You’ve Lost: You never let go of what you’ve lost. You carry it with you in your Cancer shell. Cancer, unlike Gemini can’t let things go quickly. They are sentimental and hold onto things quite firmly. Cancer can become fickle and depressed. Cancer doesn’t always love easily, but when they do, they are invested forever. The things and people they’ve lost sight of haunt them. They are in a constant state of missing. Cancer will probably try to block the pain, perhaps make a joke as they do hide behind their humour. It just seems easier than dealing with the matters at hand, and often Cancer doesn’t want to deal at all.

What You’ve Gained: You’ve gained the ability to see that things don’t always work out when you want them to. Things come and go, people come and go, but certain losses prick forever. You’ve learned to relax on certain matters, but the problem is that you want things, you just don’t always know how to communicate about them. You’ve gained a thicker skin. It takes a lot more than it used to to get a rise out of you, but that urge is still there. Learning to harness it will only improve the quality of your life.

How You’ll Love: In order to find the right love, you need to believe they are out there. You’ve had solid relationships, it’s only a testament that one day you will find the one. Committed Cancer is likely happier than ever, as long as they are in a healthy, loving relationship. Cancer longs for the security of real, dependable love. They are naturally domestic. They know how to build a beautiful home. They simply have to pick the right partners, those who help balance them out and help boost their confidence. Cancer will be passive for the one that they love, but secretly they always have their way of doing things. Cancer has a lot of knowledge to share.

What Will Work: Cancer needs to find their place. Cancer need to get paid to do what they love. Cancer has the ability to create, and plan and build. You have the potential to do so much, you just have to go after your dreams and not be modest about them. You eventually have to share your special secret with the world, and learn to take input on where you can grow.

What’s Waiting: The ability to build or expand your home life. The chance to enhance your career, and open yourself up to meeting someone new. Take a chance on something you don’t see working out in your head, explore the option and see what is out there. You will find something, just ensure that you are looking and thinking positive thoughts. Make sure your head is up.

Leo (Jul 23 - Aug. 22)

 Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

“I can take almost anything on with a smile! This is my year to shine, lucky Jupiter is on my side!”

What You’ve Lost: Loss is really hard for the Leo, especially since they are so driven to win, and often do. A loss seems like an untranslated paragraph on the page. Leo doesn’t know how to make sense of it. Leo will feel the passionate and intense emotions of loss, they won’t be able to hold back. Leo may be extreme. They will be gentle, and in need of holding. They will need reassurance from trusted loved ones. Leo either struggles to talk about it, or will talk about it often. It really depends on the Lion. There is a strong sense of silence which surrounds the Lion’s pain. Leo will be down, but they will still be generous, even if they have to work at it. Leo hates to stay down for long.

What You’ve Gained: Going forward, into 2017, you’re learning to forgive a lot quicker. You want harmony in your life, and you will fight for it. You’ve gained a voice. Now more then ever you are speaking your peace. You’ve learned that you have to. Otherwise, nothing changes. Honesty wasn’t always the first place you went in previous relationships, or even previously with your current partner, but you are willing to go there now. Leo has learned that they have to face the things that scare them the most.

How You’ll Love: Relationships in the new year will be exciting if they are new. Leo needs to feel the honeymoon stage with someone, even with a current partner. In committed relationships, Leo is learning to rekindle and find a better balance, which works well for them and their partner. Leo loves deeply, but they need to ensure that their love for “love” doesn’t cloud their own needs. Leo will never be happy if they put themselves second. Leo needs the support of their partner, and as your partner they will support you back. This need cannot go neglected. For some Leos it is finding time to take space. For others, it is learning to be alone, without people around all the time to cause distraction.  

What Will Work: 2017 will likely be a successful year for the Leo. Your career will soar, especially if you are plotting your own destinies. Leo is good in the driver seat, and can really go places if they bear down and focus.

What’s Waiting: Bliss is waiting for the Leo! This is exactly what they deserve. Sometimes it’s hard for you to manage everything on your plate, but what really counts the most are matters of the heart. Many more heartfelt moments are in store, and a lot of positive changes, which will eventually make the past look insignificant.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)

 Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

“As the sign of service, I want to continue to build a strong sense of home and a sound career.”

What You’ve Lost: You have a hard time forgetting. At times, it feels like you are reminding yourself of the loss—you won’t let yourself forget. It’s as though you feel guilty forgetting, like you are doing your loved one wrong, which isn’t true because you never could. It’s just not in you! The loss has made you low. Functional, but depressed. You’ve cut people, places and holidays out of your life. Some things and certain dates remain forever fragile to your soul, as you yearn for what you’ve lost. You really truly miss what’s lost; it’s simple, you want it back. Some celebrations have become salty, as people are missing, people who have meant so much to you, your life, and the person you are today. You carry the loss, and keep it with you. You build memories in your heart. It’s close to you every day, as you carry the loss actively in your mind. In some ways you have become the loss, but still you work to make something out of it.

What You’ve Gained: You’re stronger now. You’re not afraid to say what you really want to say. You’ve lost your ability to conceal the truth. You’re true to your needs and what you want to do with your life. You’re listening to your heart more than you are listening to your mind. If this were ever possible, but it’s true. You’ve changed. Virgos know they worked too hard, tried too hard and gave too much to be something that wasn’t worth it in the end. You know what’s important now. You’ve gained a sense of self that has made you even more loveable to the people in your life who truly see and get you. It’s because you’re finally free to be the real you!

How You’ll Love: Many Virgos are likely single and playing the field, or committed in a long-term relationship. Some of these relationships should have led to marriage, but Virgo isn’t in a rush for that. You know that will come. Virgo has work to do, and until they complete it, or have a head start on it, they will never think about marriage. That’s future Virgo. Virgo needs to be sorted in order to make that life step, and once they feel that way, they will.

What Will Work: A new job is in the mix. Virgo is starting fresh, or starting new, likely after a long haul working somewhere else. Virgo wants to work their way to the top, and can, but you might have to start off small in order to get big. Virgo is fine with this. They work hard, stand out and usually have the best work ethic. If Virgo wants to get to the top, they will, and 2017 is a great year for Virgo to start something new or take on a new role.

What’s Waiting: Virgo will figure out their direction in life. You will see, even more clearly where you are headed. You might make a big change in your life. You might let someone in or cut someone out. Either way, the loyalties in Virgo’s life will only get stronger, and burn brighter, as you become more and more comfortable in your own skin.  

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23)

 Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

“This year is about making decisions that benefit me in the long run.”

What you’ve lost: Libra will drown the loss. They feel it, but at the same time, they don’t let themselves feel it. Libra is indecisive and doesn’t always know how they feel about things, but when they do, they will express themselves to people they trust. Even then, Libra may struggle to articulate how they really feel. Libra is capable of moving on from the pain but, like many, they carry it with them and express it through their physicality, even if they don’t always vocalize their pain—it’s visibly evident!

What You’ve Gained: Libra, at some point, figures out what they want to do. They need the motivation to get up and start doing it. They have great ideas, but don’t always put them into motion. Once they get going on stuff, Libra is happy. Libra wants to have the aspects in life that make them feel vibrant and alive. Being needed is one of the things that is important to Libra. In 2017, you will find someone who really gets you, someone you can be the real you around. This will help you get past the pain of the things you fail to discuss. Libra can get really lonely, and will become needy, when at the root they are a free spirit who need time to ponder their excellence.

How You’ll Love: There will always be a lot of love in your life, especially in 2017. Libra gets closer and closer to true intimacy with age. They may not always know what they want, but if they decide they want you, then this is huge. Libra has to tone down the charm, and be real with their emotions if they want to meet someone for more than just sex. Libra likes the idea of being married, but this doesn’t mean conventional marriage. You can as easily be married to a friend. Regardless, you do like to make close connections, and with the right person, true love is highly possible.

What Will Work: You get comfortable at work, but you need to ensure that you’re being challenged. Libra has a lot to offer, but they can be lazy. You won’t often mess with a good thing, even if you deserve more. Take more chances with your career and see what could come. If you need to go back to school, stop procrastinating and make it happen. Libra tends to get frozen in time and when they do this, they wait too long and miss out on opportunity.

What’s Waiting: The world. Libra is meant to explore it, and experience it. Libra is meant to have a lot of stories to tell their grandchildren, remember this and embrace this ideology. However, if you come across something worth pausing over, take the time. Don’t be afraid to experience the trials and tribulations of a relationship, even if it’s asking more than you can give, trust that it is in there.  

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

 Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

“This is the time to put my personal plans in motion.”

What You’ve Lost: You think about your loss all the time. You wonder if you could have done anything to prevent it. You’re prone to being strong for others, even if you are hurting. It helps you to cope, giving to others has always been a part of who you are. You try to rationalize the loss, you look for meaning, and you soul search. You are super strong, and an angel in a crisis, but at the root you are suffering deeply. Even if people would never know it. You try to be proactive about your loss—never letting the memory of that loss die.

What You’ve Gained: You’ve gained a lot of respect. Everyone has their bitchy moments, but at the end of the day, you just want harmony. Scorpio has learned to pick their battles. You know when to ignore something and when to give it energy. You always have an answer for everything, but you’ve gotten better at deciding when to share it. Scorpio knows when to stop writing back. They may seem kind, but Scorpio isn’t going to let you sit in your sorrows.

How You’ll Love: Fully letting someone in is always a struggle here, but also is the need to make love a priority. Scorpios are often “busy” and feel they don’t have time. Well, it’s time to open your eyes, and see what is out there. You can deny yourself all you like, Scorpio needs sex, but Scorpio also needs love. In love Scorpio has felt like they’ve found the one. They are cutely obsessed and immensely loyal. It takes time to break off the Scorpio ties of love, even long after a love-built relationship ends. Scorpio just needs to feel good about dating, and refrain from being so secretive about it. You have all the potential to find it this year, but you can’t be afraid of getting hurt!

What Will Work: Another workaholic, Scorpio will drown themselves in their job. They are dedicated for the right reasons when they do something they love, but often feeling trapped if it’s an occupation that undermines their intelligence. Scorpio is really smart and when motivated can take on powerful career positions. They are excellent at calling the shots, and really excel when they are in charge. 2017 is a good time to pursue a newly desired career or hobby. You’ll find that the more that you do for yourself, the happier you will be.

What’s Waiting: A sense of self that motivates you to go after your selfish desires in even the smallest scope or limited capacity. It’s not your job to solve the world’s problems (or the problems of your friends and family), so focus on your own concerns. Once you see that personal progress, you will start to see the future that you deserve awaiting you. Everything will unfold the moment you decide to invest in yourself!  

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

 Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

“If I continue to go my own way I know I can be happy if I  see the world through my eyes, and my eyes only.”

What You’ve Lost: Not often one to wear their heart on their sleeve, Sagittarius would rather grieve in private. They get frustrated by loss, but they also get very, very sad. As the eternal optimist, this is a hard topic for the Sagittarius to address. They have a hard time both addressing their pain and trusting others. The type to wear sunglasses to a funeral, Sagittarius doesn’t feel comfortable grieving in public. This isn’t to say that they don’t take the loss hard, it’s just that there is a select few whom they can open up to. What you see and what you get are two entirely separate things.

What You’ve Gained: You have a strong sense of philosophy, and provide insight that is valuable at hard times. You are strong for others, and have gained the admiration of people who have yet to see you in a vulnerable light. Some of you have gained happiness or will gain happiness in 2017. Things can go your way. You just need to stay in a place of self-love and positivity. Live the adventure, but don’t hide behind it. Build people up, don’t burn bridges.  

How You’ll Love: For some of you it seems like you’ve been waiting forever. Don’t worry. You’re just independent and not likely to take the average suitor. Committed Sagittarius has found their match if they are on a one-way ticket to adventure. You’ve got to be able to keep up with the Sagittarius. Get them out on the town, take them on a small or big trip, show them the things in the world that were built for enjoyment. Sagittarius can easily spot flaw, but once they are impressed, they won’t stop boosting abut you.

What Will Work: Sagittarius can’t feel like they could do their job in their sleep. They are competitive and like a challenge. Make sure your 2017 work agenda involves expanding your horizons, and building your resume. Content Sagittarius doesn’t need a career shift; they likely find daily amusement in what they currently do.

What’s Waiting: The only thing standing in your way, is you. It’s time to really live up to your own expectations. Stop dreaming and start doing. You’re never the type to be scared to take a chance, so take a chance on you! You’ve got the skills to always find a way and make things possible. Keep with your natural optimism and start checking off the list of things that you want to accomplish. The rest will just come.    

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

 Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

“I am going to be optimistic about the outcome of my work—I am going to let in new love when the time is right.”

What You’ve Lost: You lost a piece of you that you will never get back—or so it feels. The healing process is slow here. Remember Capricorn, it’s not what you have, but how you feel that determines your standpoint. The loss is in you, deeply rooted, and you can only subject yourself to too much memory. It’s hard. Certain places and people give you a bad vibe as you start to miss what you’ve lost. It’s difficult. It sometimes seems like people don’t understand - they don’t. They simply don’t know how to take away the pain. When you lose something so dear, nothing can replace that vacancy.

What You’ve Gained: You’re a little more relaxed now. You don’t have the energy for drama, even if it seems to follow you sometimes. You are learning how to repair yourself, and build yourself back up bit by bit. You aren’t the best at dealing with stress and you need to learn to have fun, unwind and relax. This is a year of fresh starts for the Capricorn has lucky planet Jupiter lingering in their sign. You’ve gained a sense of confidence to let go of what is wrong for you and focus on what is right.

How You’ll Love: A lot of Capricorns are making changes in 2017. Either they’ve lost a long-term love, or have met a new one. Of course there are the countless Capricorns who have been in long-term relationships. This is the true Capricorn, a person who longs for romance. Not the best at casual encounters, Capricorn is looking for that perfect love. Capricorn wants a teammate! It’s in the cards, but you have to be in a good place. You have to feel happy being alone first. You have to be hell-bent on building your empire, and then, without any of your control, it will happen.

What Will Work: Capricorn and work almost always get along, unless the Capricorn is working too much. Unless, work is what’s making the Capricorn unhappy and stressed. A career change could be on the rise, or a promotion of some kind. Capricorn is goal-oriented, and they don’t stop after achieving one goal, they keep going. 2017 will be a great year to build your personal empire and work on your personal profile. Some of you have amazing jobs and experiences, but the world doesn’t know it!

What’s Waiting: The ability to conquer more life goals, and find a place of work that really makes you happy. It’s great to make money, but you need to do what you love in order to feel grounded. Joy is waiting if you let it in, try to experience mindful joy and block out the noise of the past.  

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

 Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

“This year I will explore the world, but I will also explore my own emotions.”

What You’ve Lost: The loss has made you lose faith in the world. You trust situations less. The pain of losing has you confused and full of racy thoughts. Still, you like to be proactive towards the loss. You will ask yourself, “what can I give”?” You will want to help. You show support, and take time out of your busy life to really be there for people. You want the best for everyone. You might have trouble showing your emotions, but they are there. Your heart is tender and does feel the pain of lose intensely.

What You’ve Gained: The ability to love people from many walks of life. You are a good friend. You might be off the map with work and plans, but when something really serious happens you are there. You have gained wisdom, and insight to share with others.

How You’ll Love: Aquarius is the thinker of love, which often complicates relationships and leads to later love, but they do want that dream love and are likely on a global exploration trying to find it. Aquarius has to learn to trust. Yes, they’ve been hurt before but it doesn’t mean everyone is the same. Things don’t always have to end, and with the right person they won’t. Things end, but they start up again. Never conventional about marriage, this sign isn’t racing to get to the alter, but when they find their mate, this is something that is in the cards. Aquarius, though, is actually pretty hard to get in all capacities. You really have to open them up and connect with them emotionally.

What Will Work: The genius of the zodiac, anything is possible here. Aquarius is gifted by nature. They might do a bunch of things. It’s in their blood to wear many hats, and wear many hats well. 2017 should be about balancing the stress. Finding time for yourself is important. This doesn’t mean with your significant other! Make sure you are making reflections about your job, and are satisfied about the current outcome and future prospects. Evaluate your relationships and ensure that they are build off of love and not obligation.

What’s Waiting: So much! As a sign of great adventure, who knows exactly what you will do in 2017, but it will be a lot. Aquarius always plans for the best times ever. Aquarius can embrace the unknown, and because of this they embark upon many prosperous life endeavours. The stars predict work-related travel, and encourage you to develop a healthy balance. It is also encouraged that those who want to go back to school should, as they will likely love this experience. Regardless, career will flow nicely. This is the year to stake your claim.

Pisces (Feb. 19- Mar. 20)

 Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

Original Illustration by Amanda Sandlin

“I will strive to remind myself that I’ve got it good, even when I feel bad.”

What You’ve Lost: As a highly emotional sign, the loss will hit you big. You will likely feel the need to express how you feel in words, pens, cards, gifts etc. Your generous heart wants to help heal those most greatly affected. When you are the one most greatly affected, you are consumed by the loss. You take it to a very dark place, which takes massive courage to come out of. You bleed for those things that you’ve lost, especially when the loss doesn’t make sense. You search for understanding, get very down, and often look for a greater issue to give attention to in order to honor the loss.

What You’ve Gained: The ability not to take things and people personally has and will hugely benefit the Pisces well-being this year. Loss affects everything individually, and not everyone is going to show love at this time. You’ve gained the courage to be good to yourself, refrain from blaming yourself, and the desire to work towards a happier and healthier life. Also, you’ve got the strength of being able to express love, and this is something that so many people struggle with.

How You’ll Love: Single Pisces will have flirtations, but naïve Pisces will give all the wrong people a chance. Devoted Pisces will calm down emotionally. Pisces feels incomplete without love, which is why when they truly find it, they’ll also find a sense of inner peace. 2017 will bring new prospects for single Pisces, as long as they’re taking care of themselves. You will naturally attract suitors by exuding a desirable light. This is a great year for love for the Pisces. It is your time to shine as Cupid’s arrow is pointed at you.

What Will Work: This is a good year for Pisces and career—Pisces could really prosper. You will be given new opportunities, you will be tested and challenged. As long as Pisces can wear a tough skin, keep the emotions and moods intact, and handle the stress, they are highly capable and will produce many great things this year. Good things will come to Pisces because they are putting good things out there. Continue to do this even when you get lazy. Get into a routine and stick to it!

What’s Waiting: A love affair with yourself, which will change your entire life and potentially attract love itself. Confident Fish can amount to so much, they just have to keep their head above water and keep swimming at all times, no matter how rough the current gets! As this is the predicted year of love for the Pisces, a true love connection can certainly happen at any time! 

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