loss&foundTV - Interview with Bree Melanson

Welcome to loss&foundTV, a video series delivering heart-centred tools and advice for getting through loss and grief of all forms. In the first episode of loss&foundTV I chat with Bree Melanson, a spiritual medium and soul trainer, about loss, grief and what it means from the spiritual perspective.

We also discuss the loss experienced through global events such as war and terrorist attacks, as well as the work Bree does by way of contacting souls "on the other side" through mediumship. 

*Please note: this video includes a lot of F-bombs (#sorrynotsorry)*

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We'll lead you through intuitive exercises and healings to help you let go of whatever pain you're holding and get you from loss, to found. For more info and to be the first to hear when registration opens, sign up here.

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Video produced by cmyk Productions

Music: "My Lover" by Ashleigh Ball (produced by Stint)

Set Art: Sarah Delaney


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