What the Heck's A Grief Coach & How Can it Help Me?

What the Heck's A Grief Coach & How Can It Help Me?

Before the death of my mom I had no clue what a grief coach was, but as soon as I heard about it, I knew it was something I needed to explore – and ultimately become. If you’re anything like I was you’re probably thinking – what the eff does a grief coach do and how can it help me? Well, lemme tell you!

What is Grief Coaching?

A grief coach is someone specifically dedicated to helping you navigate your own unique and personalized way through loss and grief.  When it comes to grief – it often takes one to know one – which is why most grief coaches offer peer-based support that draws from first-hand experience enduring and overcoming various losses. Unlike a therapist or counselor, a grief coach focuses not only on the finite, daily issues that are coming up for you but also the high-level, future-forward life map for how you can best overcome the pain associated with loss and turn an otherwise shitty experience into an event that will propel your life forward – for the better.

This isn’t about “fixing” you, or your grief. Yes your world feels like its fallen apart, and no everything is not alright, but there’s nothing wrong with you. Grief is a normal and natural response to loss. No one can make it go away for you, nor should they. As an intuitive grief coach, I believe we all have our own internal “first aid kit” to help us solve whatever arises in our lives, and my job is simply to guide you through the thick fog of your pain so you can locate the tools and resources best suitable for your own recovery. By incorporating various modalities including Reiki and guided imagery, I help people struggling with loss and grief unpack the tools they have within themselves and find effective, lasting solutions for managing and ultimately overcoming their loss.

Qualified therapists are incredible and play a valuable part of grief recovery work, don’t get me wrong, but it can be particularly helpful to have someone who can help guide yourself through the entire galaxy that is your grief, rather than focusing solely on the asteroids bumping into shit and causing havoc. As a grief coach I get to relate to my clients in a way traditional therapists can’t. By sharing personal stories of my own loss – ranging from depression, chronic pain, heartbreak, death, identity loss and career changes, to name a few – I can relate to you and your grief and share first-hand examples of courses of action that had a positive impact on and for my life, and may for you too.

A good grief coach will equip you with practical tools you can use on your own to help you alleviate or eliminate pain as and when it arises - in real time. The goal being to offer you a life jacket or two that you can throw on at any time when the tidal wave caused by grief makes it feel as though you’re about to drown.


Who Can Benefit from Grief Coaching

Anyone who has or is experiencing loss and grief of any kind can benefit from grief coaching. There are over 43 defined types of loss – everything from death, divorce and bankruptcy to marriage, graduation and becoming a parent (yes even happy events can contain loss) - but most of us can only count a few on one hand. Sadly, in Western culture we are quick to downplay when a loss has occurred, not to mention the grief inherently associated with it.  Loss is prevalent in today’s society and many of us aren’t even aware of it, the many losses we’re carrying or the impact of loss and grief on our daily life (which can be major).

Dealing with the death of a relative, friend, co-worker, pet or other loved one? Grief coaching can help. Going through a breakup? We gotchu.  Just became a first-time parent and mourning the loss of life as you knew it? We help with that too.

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing approach to help you overcome the pain caused by loss and grief, grief coaching is your best bet.  Many grief coaches offer a dynamic range of services to help you through, for example I incorporate Reiki (energy healing), oracle card readings, and meditation in my sessions. It isn’t just about talking about what’s going on – its about creating sacred space to let the shit built up within you release and being guided to do so in a way that leaves you feeling stronger, more peaceful and a hell of a lot more capable in handling whatever gets thrown your way.

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