Loss(t)rology Horoscopes - December

Introducing the loss(t)rology horoscopes, one of a kind astral insights to help you best move through loss and grief based on your zodiac sign.  This month, resident astrologist Tara Chloe Dusanj has your holiday forecast to help you get through this trying time of year and start reflecting on all that's transpired during a (very) difficult 2016.

Read on for tips and tools, tailor made for your sign - complete with illustrations from the one and only Amanda Sandlin (prints will be available for purchase soon!) xo R

Loss(t)rology Horoscopes - December

With every year, we want to able to say with pride, “this will be our year.” You want to own it, to feel good about it, to feel - if just for one second - that you are in control of it. It’s a moment, but it slips away, just like things do, and what they leave behind can be too much to bear.

This year was very difficult for many. The pain carried itself all the way until the end, and it’s not over. It’s still going, still sinking in, still bearing its toll. We have to take measure of our losses in order to compare our gains, we are constantly gaining. With every loss there is a win, with every death there is a birth, and despite the pain, the pain that won’t go away, it keeps on turning. You’ve survived 2016, now you’re a soldier for what’s next.

Below is a snapshot into what you can take away from 2016  and what’s best for you this holiday season.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

 Original artwork by Amanda Sandlin 2016

You’ve got a funny way of dealing with your emotions. This year you experienced a range of feelings, but you didn’t want other people to hear about them. 2016 was yet another time for you to protect yourself. To make it seem like everything is alright. A time to retain your image at any cost. Another instance for you to be brave, be brave and take care of others enduring the same struggles. This holiday, give into that selfish urge to just say no. You know you want to. You can no longer be everything to everybody. No one will be upset with you if you can’t attend the party. People really care about you, and understand that you won’t be as social this holiday. It’s a weird thing to let go of for an Aries, but the party hasn’t been bringing out the best in you lately. You don’t need to spend your holiday wasting energy on people who exhaust you. What you could handle before isn’t exactly what you can handle now. Remember this. You’re going to have moments where you feel yourself struggling, and that’s ok. You need to take the pressure off of yourself. It doesn’t matter what other people think, be true to what you feel, the rest does not matter.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

  Original artwork by Amanda Sandlin 2016

Your tendency to feel (a lot) and do nothing about it, is catching up to you. Taurus’ born close to Aries, don’t suffer as much from this. You are learning that you operate best when you can clear your head and take action. You are the most powerful when you take this action. Sure, you’re not scared to say what you think, however, there is still so much that you vault. It’s hard for you to speak your absolute truth, but you need to try. Finding the words sometimes can be difficult, especially when you rely on simplistic communication. In order to see real change, you need to open up, even if this scares you. Why sacrifice your needs and desires? This holiday try to not be afraid to let someone/something new in. There is potential for a new connection (even a new inner connection). One that is based on trust and following your gut. It could be a friendship, a lover or a mentor, but whoever they are, give them a chance. Take the time you need to heal, and don’t worry about life pressures. Only worry when you are presented with something to worry about.  

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

  Original artwork by Amanda Sandlin 2016

Sometimes it’s hard for others to know the real you. Even you go back and forth on how you feel. Though your intentions are often in a caring place. You really do want others to like you, sometimes you just get a little bitchy. If you offend someone, you feel guilty. 2016 was a mixture of emotion. You learned some things you’d rather not have. You didn’t want to give into the loss, but you carried it with you everywhere. Sometimes it came out at the wrong times. Sometimes you took your grief out on other people over small situations that didn’t really matter to you. As a sign of communication, you’ve got the gift of gab, but you often struggle to talk about your inner emotions—how you really feel. This holiday, try to work on this. Talk about your problems, look into people’s eyes, and don’t minimize what you are going through. You don’t always have to be socially presentable, it’s OK to fall apart. It’s OK to let others see you fall apart. You’d be surprised to see how much support that you will receive. People care about you and they just want to help. They also aren’t unaware, and already know that you aren’t alright.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

  Original artwork by Amanda Sandlin 2016

Emotional matters in 2016 have really affected you, and are still affecting you. You’re a sensitive soul. You strongly feel the weight of a loss. As a Cancer, you want to help, you want to take care. You’ve probably been an outstanding support to those suffering around you. Don’t forget about your own needs and feelings—they will only manifest in a negative way. Cancer has a tendency to take things into their Cancer shell and never share them. This holiday, take care of your own needs and try to address your concerns. It’s good to be a doer, but sometimes you need to be a thinker, a feeler and a talker. People appreciate your domestic comforts, and the food and the generosity, but they want to know you are OK. Finding the words may be hard, but you can do it. Try writing it down first, and then when you feel the courage, say your peace effectively.

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

  Original artwork by Amanda Sandlin 2016

It was interesting for you to experience such intense ups and down this year, but a lot was changing for you. Loss helps Leo gain wisdom and insight. 2016 was a time to really reflect on loss and figure out what it means for your future. Leo wants to see the bright side of things, but ruled by the heart, they can’t help but let grief take them to the dark place. Still, Leo wants to look forward to something. It is possible that Leo is suffering and isn’t even aware of it because Leo would rather avoid than deal with their emotions. This holiday, enjoy yourself, but don’t distract yourself from every moment. Take that time for self-reflection, you need it. What you avoid will only come back to haunt you later in life. It’s the truth, you can’t run away from your problems, losses or issues, they will always find you. Deal with what you can in a fashion that works for you.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)


You have strong loyalties in life, which is why when you lose one it is hard for you to repair the loss. 2016 consisted of a lot of mourning (and coping) for you, as you struggled to say all the things that you feel, and you felt a lot! Some Virgo’s have a gift in expressing how they feel, while others tend to introvert. This holiday season it is important for Virgo to let little matters go. Yes, it seems foolish to pay certain things attention now, but you don’t want to lose people who matter in the long run. Think of the bigger picture of your life, but also do what’s best for you. If you need to make changes and create distance, if you need to do anything in order to cope, you should do it. You do come first, just try to tell the people in your life (that matter), what is going on with you. Don’t take your grief out on other people, talk about it. Even if it’s challenging, it will help. You’re not a broken record, you’re beyond entitled to help and people want to support you.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)


Don’t worry about what other people think. It’s not your job to host others, and make it OK for them. 2016 presented its challenges of loss, but you tend to distract yourself form the situation at hand. You don’t want to be dramatic towards anyone, but those feelings are there. It’s written all over your face, but you need to learn how to say it. This holiday, watch your demeanor, are you being kind? Loving? Friendly? Try to be as aware of yourself as possible and be the person you want to be. If you’re really stuck in a down and out place, let others know. People can’t read your mind, but they can read your body language (and facial expressions) and they really do want to help you, so quit the wise cracks and start speaking.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Try to remember all the wise stuff that you said to yourself when you were drunk dear Scorpio. You’re too busy, working hard, running around doing stuff for others, that you never get around to doing stuff for yourself. 2016 was a year of great stress for the Scorpio, who likely dealt with one problem after the other. This holiday, take the hint of motivated Scorpio, and start working on those personal goals. It might be wise to seek help on how to get you out of your shell. It has to be someone that you trust, someone you can be totally real with. There’s clearly a lot of cobwebs, but it’s time to deal with them. You keep putting it off, but the time is now. Everyone wants you to take more time for you, and everyone will understand.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)


This past year, you fell into some old patterns. You simply don’t like taking about your emotions with others. You like to deal with them privately. It’s innate in you to look on the bright side and you find the negative hard to digest. It affects you, but sometimes people would never know. You’re so quick to up and leave when things get uncomfortable. You hate being lectured. You like doing things in your own time. This holiday, try to sit still and relish the moments. Perhaps, think about changing how you deal with the losses you haven’t come to accept. In some cases, a loss is a good thing, and letting go of what you’re hanging on to, could be a beneficial idea. You can’t talk about it for very long, or sometimes at all. Try not to settle for what your life is and try to make life what you want it to be. You’ve been talking about it so long (secretly to yourself), it truly is time you did something about it.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)


There has been immense pain in 2016. You’ve experienced a variety of losses. You don’t find them easy to let go of – so you hold on. That’s what you do. You avoid certain places and things that remind you of what you’re missing. Capricorns are known to have a serious streak, and therefore can’t always handle any laughter that plagues the memory of their loss. At times, you’re simply not ready to reflect on happy times. You need to sit with the loss. This holiday try and relax more, enjoy your friends and family and try not to think too much of the past. It’s hard because you tend to worry, but  know that love will help to see you through. Try not to distract your emotions with work, it helps, but only temporarily. Take charge of your own destiny and your own happiness.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)


Aquarius likes to find the wisdom in loss. 2016 was a time of many experiences for you, but also an eye-opening experience of loss. You’re not used to this feeling. It’s a problem you can’t solve and that frustrates you. An Aquarius will want to find a way to intellectualize it, but it can’t be. It’s just something you have to accept. This holiday, settle down a bit. Try and take things easy, and enjoy a quiet moment to yourself. This is what you need, sanctuary and solitude, and support. You need people you can really talk to without having to come off as doing great all the time. You need to be around people who can really be there for the real you.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)


You might have moments where you indulge in other thinking, but your loss is always with you. 2016 was one of the most difficult years for you, as you struggled to be enough during a very trying time. Pisces tends to blame themselves when things go wrong, but they will also play the martyr complex, in that they would literally do anything to prevent a friend or family member from experiencing loss. This holiday, try to let people go, let the root of your problems slide, and focus on what matters. There is so much, you just have to seize it. You have to want to make those changes and take those challenges. The moment you start this; you will find a sense of inner peace. 

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